Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday, May, 19

It was cloudy and cold this morning with a strong wind.

We left Ely around 7:30 am.
It was a long hard drive west on highway 50 toward Fallon, then to I 80 and Boomtown. It was very windy, I had to fight the wheel the whole way to keep “Plan B” between the lines.
Along the way, we drove through one of my favorite Nevada town’s.
I know what you are thinking.
“Austin”? “There’s nothing in Austin“.
If you don’t know it, Austin is on highway 50 about in the middle of the state. It is located in a range of beautiful mountains, not far from some hot springs and some Petroglyphs.
I believe there are also some Opal mines in Austin.
The thing that really endeared Austin to me was;
Once while on the way to Colorado to go hunting with Dave, Sonny and Kirk, we were driving through Austin and saw a group of guys skinning a deer hanging from the only lamp post in the town.
Now, that’s my kind of town!
Not some namby-pamby limp-wristed California town.
A real western town, where people are not afraid of the realities of life and death and where they know where their food comes from.

We arrived at Boomtown at 3:00 and parked in the oversized vehicle area of the parking lot. Patti called John (my nephew who lives in Reno) to let him know we were going to spend the night there. Then she went to the casino.
I stayed at the RV.
I read, wrote up this post and waited for Patti to come back. Then we will go back to the casino for supper.

5:20, Patti just returned from the casino and with her $149 dollar winnings. Now she can buy me supper.

We will be back in Santa Rosa tomorrow and life will return to the mundane.

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