Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May, 12.

The day started off hot and got hotter. I think the high was about 95. Right now it is windy, cloudy and it looks like it could possibly rain. It rained a little last night so I am glad that we covered the jeep. I covered it again tonight.

This morning around 11:30 we started off to take the paved road through Canyonlands but you know me. I have a hard time staying on the pavement.
When I was downloading the track from yesterdays trip I got to looking at the map and saw a road going north off highway 313 (the highway to Canyonlands).
I wrote down the GPS numbers for the intersection and found it on the way up the highway. I was just curious and though I would just check it out for a little ways. Well of course we ended up following it all the way to the Green River.
Of course Patti is ever on the alert for wild life to photograph. Even if its semi wild life.

We turned off on a couple of short roads and got some more blooming cactus pictures.

Eventually we came to a gate where there was a nice view of Spring Canyon and the road through the bottom.

We were trying to decide whether or not to continue when a guy and lady came up the road from the other side of the gate. After talking to them we decided to go for it since we had the time.
The road switch backed back into the canyon and was kind of slow going but beautiful.

We got down to the Green River and went up stream for a little ways then turned around

and went down stream a short distance. Both trails were very narrow.

We found a nice grove of Cottonwoods and had lunch in their shade.

Patti got another lizard picture. It really is a different lizard every time. :o)

Also we saw some more Cacti.

After lunch we headed back up the canyon to continue our intended ride to Canyonlands Park.

Here is what Canyonlands looks like to the average (Old Fart Tourist). We stopped at almost every turnout and took pictures but didn’t do any hiking. A lot of the pictures we took didn’t shrink well but here are a few that did.

This is called Monument Canyon.

The road you see is part of the “White Rim jeep Trail“.
This is a pretty butte but I don't know if it has a name.

Patti says, this is called “Bucks Canyon“.

You can see the Green River in this one.

I don’t know what this is called, except “beautiful“.

This is another shot where you can see the Green River. The full size picture is wonderful. I am going to put it as my desktop background.

The plan for tomorrow is to do the White Rim Trail in one day. The trail is a 91 mile loop and is classified as “Moderate” we will have to get an early start.
So, if I don’t post to the blog tomorrow night it will be because I’m just too damned tired.

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