Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday, May, 8

Another beautiful day with temps in the mid 80’s.

Today we tied up a loose end and drove on a new trail.

A few days ago you remember, we went to see the Gemini Bridges. While we were there I noticed a road that came to the bottom of the bridges. We found the turn off “Bull Canyon” but decided not to check it out at that time because we didn’t know how far it was and also we didn’t know how far we had to go to get home.
Today we drove back there going in the opposite direction from the last time. We saw some new stuff doing it that way.

Including what looks like an arch to me, but Patti says are two separate rocks.

Things around here are starting to bloom nicely.
Like, Indian Paintbrush

And Yucca’s.

We had to walk about 300 yards from the road to get to the bottom of Gemini Bridges but it was worth it.

We followed Bull Canyon road to its ends. There were two of them.
The high road.

And the lower road. I stopped a little short of the end because it was a convenient spot to turn around.

After lunch we decided to check out a trail that we saw in our trail guide called Long Canyon Trail. It is off the road to Dead Horse Point so we drove back to the Gemini Bridges road folowed it to highway 313 and turned left at the Dead Horse Point road and left again on the wide graded dirt road to Long Canyon. From the look of this road I figured this would not be a very exciting ride. But the scenery looked nice.

We drove a couple of miles and just passed a camp ground the road curved to the left, got real skinny and headed down a set of switchbacks,

then went under a big leaning rock.

Things are looking up!

We passed an arch in progress.

and eventually came to highway 279

which follows the north bank of the Colorado River.
We stopped to take some more pictures of Petroglyphs. They were on the same wall as the ones we saw from the boat but were different drawings.

We got home around 3:45 and were very satisfied with a day well spent.

Tomorrow we are going to finish the Onion Creek Trail.

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