Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, May, 10.

Happy Mother’s Day, to all you mothers out there.

The weather today was perfect.

We left the RV around 10:00 and stopped at Moab for gas and an other stop at the auto parts store to get a new air filter for the jeep.
I don’t know if that was the problem yesterday but I looked at it this morning and it was kind of dirty so I decided to go ahead and change it.

The trail we were taking today started 12.2 miles south of the Mc Donald’s
at the south end of Moab, or so the guide book says. My speedometer is a bit off so I missed the turn off by about a mile. Going south you turn right onto a good road that has a sign saying among other things “Picture Frame Arch”. There is a good parking area near the beginning of the road for ATV’ers to park there trailers and trucks.
It is about 6 miles on an easy road to Lone Rock.

which is where Picture Frame Arch

and Balcony Arch are located.

Balcony Arch is on the south side of the rock. To see Picture Frame you have to drive around to the north side. There is some very mild rock crawling to do if you go completely around Lone Rock, which of course we did.

It took a very short time to get to Lone Rock so we decided to go to the end of the trail to the Kane Creek Canyon and Hurrah Pass Road Overlook.
We stopped at three overlooks along the way, none of which have names.

We had lunch at the first one, which looks south.

The rocks were so nice and warm I just had to stretch out.

There were a lot of wild flowers and some blooming cactus so Patti took a few pictures of them.

Patti also got another of her famous wildlife shots.

After Patti pried me off the rock we went on to the second overlook. On the way we saw some more flowers.

Number Two: This is Kane Creek Valley looking north.

The road to the third overlook was interesting but not difficult. Any SUV with low range or even my van could make it but slowly.

The view was great!

Patti is finally getting used to high places.

On the way back to the RV we took a detour up the paved section of Kane Creek RD which runs along the north bank of the Colorado River. We only went a short distance as we are going to do the Kane Canyon trail tomorrow.

Along the way we saw some moc-ruins. I think this might be a picnic spot and maybe a rest rooom or it could be some ones home.

We also saw some modern cave dwellings. This house is built against the rock with a cave behind it. In the hole in the upper left corner of the photo there is a lawn chair. I guess the guy sits up there in the shade and watches the river which is just across the street. There are two other holes about the size of train tunnels and very deep, cut into the rock to the right of the house. It looks like a good way to get the most out of a very narrow strip of land.

We had a great day as usual and are looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure.

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