Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 11.

Very warm today temps in the 90’s.

Today is Patti’s birthday. I took her out to breakfast at the Moab Diner, then we headed for Kane Canyon, the Hurrah Pass and the Colorado River Overlook.
The drive into Kane Canyon is on a good wide road.

with a nice set of switchbacks just before the end of the pavement.

The first interesting feature is this formation I called “The King”

The scenery all along the road is of course, stunning.

It didn’t take long to get to Hurrah Pass. The road was good until you started up the hill and then there were a few ledges and steps to climb.

The view on the west side of the pass as always in this country, beautiful.

The road down the west side of the pass was a lot narrower than the east side with a lot more ledges and steps to go over.

The formations were interesting. Here is a “Balanced rock”.

More balanced rocks.

We saw more blooming cactus

And wild flowers along the way.

After about 3 hrs of bone jarring travel we came to the end of the trail at the Colorado River overlook.

On our way back from the over look, we were looking for some shade. The only place that we found was along a stretch of road called “Chicken Corners”. It is a narrow curvy section along a cliff with a shelf of rock overhanging the road.
When we got there, there were about 6 ATV.s parked in the shade. The folks had a big fire going and were cooking hotdogs. It reminded me of our “Scull Rock Cave” hot dog roast. Un fortunately there wasn’t enough room left for us to park or we might have joined them.

When we were going into “Kane Canyon” we missed some Petroglyphs so we made sure to stop on the way home to get pictures of them. The first set are on what is called “The Birthing Rock. All four sides of the rock have rock art.

East side.

North side.

West side.

South side.

Further down the road we came to some more “rock art”.

We got home around 4:15. At about 6:00 I took Patti out for a Mexican dinner at “La Hacienda“ in Moab. The place is on the north end of town and is hard to see from the highway as it is behind the “Rock Shop”. We went clear to the south end of Moab with out finding it and finally had to ask some one where it was. It was worth the trouble. The food was very good.

So far we have done 11 trails in 9 days. 6 easy and 5 moderate.
No wonder we are starting to feel beat up.

We are supposed to have high winds tomorrow and tomorrow night, so we are not going camping as planned.
Instead, we are going to take a ride to Canyon Lands Park and see it from the paved roads like most other tourists.
We will save the “White Rim Loop Trail” for next year.
The wind is already shaking “Plan B” pretty hard. I feel like we are on a ship in a storm at sea. I would hate to be in a tent right now. I hope I don’t seasick tonight.

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