Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday, May, 14.

The weather was quite warm today some where in the high 80’s. The clouds have moved in but it is still warm . It is supposed to be in the high 50 tonight.

We spent the day getting ready to leave here tomorrow.
I did a couple of small repairs on “Plan B”.
We went into town and while Patti started the laundry at a local laundry mat I washed the jeep’s engine compartment. The engine and everything in there was covered with a thick layer of mud from several stream crossings followed by soft dusty roads. Of course I also washed the jeep’s exterior since I was at the carwash anyway.
The laundry mat was real funky and smelly and half of the machines didn’t work so when the clothes were washed we took them to an other laundry mat to dry them.
When the cloths were done we went to lunch a Milt’s burger joint on the old main street.
After lunch we went to the City Market and did last minute grocery shopping, then we went back to our RV. I loaded some stuff in the jeep when we got home and Patti put away the clean cloths. Later when it got cooler I attached the tow bar to the jeep, connected the tow lights and started airing up the tires. After 1 and ½ tires my air pump died. Fortunately there is a gas station at the park and they have 2 air pumps so I drove the jeep to the pumps and for $.50 I filled the tires.
Now all we have left to do in the morning is, dump, disconnect water and electricity, hook up the jeep and leave.

We should be in Torrey, Utah by early afternoon tomorrow.

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