Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May, 15.

Good weather all day.

We left the “Arch View Resort/RV Park” around 10:00 and had an uneventful drive to Torrey, Utah.. We checked in at the “Thousand Lakes RV Park” at around 12:30.
We got hooked up, had lunch and rested for a short time; then decided to take a ride to the “Capital Reef” visitors center to get a map and plan our outings for the next three days.
After leaving the visitors center we drove east on Utah 24 a short distance and stopped to look at some “Petroglyphs” that were near the road. Patti took some pictures but they didn’t turn out to good. But you have already seen Petroglyphs anyway.
After consulting the map we decided that we needed to go back to the visitors center and take the road south from there to get on a dirt road we that wanted to check out.
At one area where the road went along a camp ground we had to go very slow 15mph. Suddenly the jeep started stumbling and bucking. If I accelerated it smoothed out but when ever I tried to just maintain speed the stumbling returned. I sped up to 25 mph and the same thing happened. I told Patti that we should not take the chance going any farther with the jeep acting up so we turned around and headed back to the RV park. On the way I found that the stumbling occurred at all speeds when not accelerating. The town of Torrey has no auto parts store and very little else.
I thought that maybe the injectors in the throttle body might be dirty and wanted to get some injector cleaner. When I stopped at one of the stations to get some cleaner I noticed that the engine idled smoothly. They didn’t have what I wanted so we continued through town and found the general store. I stopped there and got a bottle of cleaner and added it to the gas tank. I really didn’t notice any change in the engine on the way home.
Tomorrow I am going to see if I can find all the sensor plugs on the jeep and try cleaning them to see if that helps. I figure that since I washed the engine on Thursday that maybe there might be some corrosion in one of the plugs.

OK that’s it for today. I let you know what happens tomorrow.

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