Thursday, March 2, 2017

Going to Coolidge.

The Morning Got Off to a Rough Start.

A few years ago the plastic door on the shower in the RV broke and fell into the tub. The tub is made of fairly thin ABS plastic and the door made a crack in the tub floor. I found an epoxy that will adhere to ABS Plastic and effected a repair. That has lasted until now. In the morning as I was finishing my shower I stepped on the repair and it broke.


Now I have to see if I can find some of that epoxy and fix it again, maybe better this time.

A Broken Water Line.

The rest of the morning went pretty standard we got everything disconnected and stowed away for travel.

The spot we are in is hard to get in to and out of as it is surrounded by a metal fence with just a small entrance at one corner. When I am backing out I have to be careful not to run over the sewer connection and the water faucet. There is also a line of water faucets that that run around the perimeter of the property. They are about 2 feet tall and there is one about every 25 feet.

This morning as I was trying to back out of the spot, I was paying too much attention to missing the sewer connection and backed into one of those water faucet that was behind me. Water flooded out of the ground around the pipe. It took me about 10 minutes to find the valve to shut off the water. I will have to fix that when we come back to Quartzsite at the end of march.

On the Road.

We eventually got underway and headed east on I-10. We noticed that the Brittle Bush’s were starting to bloom. Spring is on the way.

Notice the yellow flowers on the right side of the highway.


We even saw some Lupines along the road.


There were some nice mountains along the way.


Arrival in Coolidge.

We arrived in Coolidge around 4:00 and went to Walmart where we disconnected the jeep and did some shopping. After shopping we went to The Safeway gas station to fill the RV’s tank $2.03 per gallon.
After filling the gas tank we went to the Ho-ho-Kam RV park and got set up.

Around 6:00 we went to Rolbeto’s Taco Shop for supper. Excellent Mexican food.

Okay, that was our day moving to Coolidge.

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