Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Last Weenie Roast.


Wood to burn.

We talked to Denis Sunday evening and he suggested that we have one final Weenie Roast at the Gila River. He still had a bunch of wood to burn.

Heading Out.

Monday, about 10:30 Sue and Denis showed up at our place.
We headed out Florence/Kelvin road to Cochran Road.


Cochran Road.

We turned north on Cochran Road.
The scenery from Cochran Road is always spectacular.


The Wash.

We turned off Cochran Road into the left side of the big wash.


The Best Beach.

We followed the wash to the first beach. This is the best beach along this part of the river and is usually crowded with people.
Fortunately, today it was empty.


We were surprised to see how much of the beach has been eroded by high water.


A Shady Spot.

We found a spot under some big Willow trees with a fire ring.


Lunch in the Shade.

We got a fire going and sat around waiting for the fire to to burn down to coals.


Once the fire had burned down we cooked some brats and had lunch.


The framework behind us is someone else's garbage. Baring teeth smile

We sat around in the shade visiting until around 3:00.


It was a good relaxing day.

We will be leaving Coolidge tomorrow (Wednesday) and heading back to Quartzsite.
Today, we will be getting ready to leave.

We have had a lot of fun here this season but all good things, etc.

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