Monday, March 6, 2017

Joanne and Dave Arrive, a Weenie Roast and the Montana Mountain Trail.


Joanne and Dave.

Joanne and Dave arrived at our RV park around 10:30. They had spent the last week in Tucson, AZ. where they had a good time visiting museums, etc.

While they were getting settled in Patti and I went to do a little shopping.

A Weenie Roast.

Around 2:00, Sue, Denis, Dianne and Johnie showed up.
We were going to the Gila River for a weenie roast.

We left the park and headed east on Coolidge Blvd. To Diffin Rd. where we turned left and followed Diffin to The Florence/Kelvin Highway.
Here we turned east again and followed this road until we came to Cochran Rd. This is about 30 miles from Coolidge.
We stopped to air down and then followed Cochran Rd. to a large wash that goes north to the river.


We turned down the wash and followed it to our first choice of beaches along the river. Unfortunately there were a bunch of people there so we turned up a small trail that goes up stream to a couple of other beaches we know about.

There were people at our second choice but the next beach was empty so we pulled in and got set up for the weenie roast.


This beach is on a bend of the river.


The rock across the river is pretty impressive with cactus growing in crevices.


A little ways down stream we can see the abandoned railroad trestle.


I tried to light the fire the old way, with flint and steel but had trouble getting the kindling to light. The sand under the fire was pretty damp.


After a couple of tries I resorted to a barbeque lighter and got a good fire going.


Once the fire burned down to coals we started cooking hot dogs.


After eating our dogs we sat around the fire visiting until almost dark.


Then we doused the fire with water from the river and covered it with sand.


We drove out of the wash in the dark.

It as a fun time.

The Montana Mountain trail.

Around 9:00 am. Sue, Denis, Dianne, Johnie, Lise and Frank showed up at our place.
Joanne, Dave, Patti and I got into my jeep and we all headed north to Florence Junction.


Here we got on Hwy 60 heading east. We turned north off hwy. 60 at Queen Creek Rd. We followed this paved road for a short distance then turned right onto the Montana Mountain trail.

Montana Mountain is at the south end of the Superstition Mountains. The trail climbs to 5400 feet and the views of the Superstitions were excellent.


We noticed that there was a lot more running water along the trail than we have seen before.


Due to the amount rain this winter the desert is unusually green which makes the views even more beautiful than usual.


The trail goes right through that beautiful canyon.


The canyon walls.



The trail continues to climb the mountain.


As we climb we pass some small waterfalls.


We stopped for lunch about half way up the mountain.


After lunch we continued to climb the mountain.

Here is a view looking south.


We passed a few healthy looking cattle on the trail.


We passed through an old burn area.


Once we started down the south side of the mountain (5401 ft) we came to a great set of switchbacks.


Once we were at the bottom of the switchbacks we turned onto a short trail that took us to an old abandoned stone cabin.


The roof had collapsed into the cabin.


There was a small mine tunnel near the cabin.


The entrance was a bit small and the tunnel was not very deep.


After checking out the old cabin area we continued our trip along a creek.


We passed some California Poppies blooming along the road.


Here is one last view of the mountains as we approach the highway.


We made it back to our RV by 4:00 and went to supper at Tags Café around 5:30.

What a beautiful ride!!

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