Friday, March 3, 2017

Thursday 03/02. Repairs and a Little Ride.

Fixing the Bath Tub.

After breakfast we went to the ACE Hardware here in Coolidge. I was looking for an epoxy that would adhere to the ABS plastic that the tub is made out of.

I found the correct epoxy, some fiberglass cloth, sand paper, a couple of cheep throw away paint brushes and some alcohol to clean the surface with. I also wanted a clear plastic 3” elbow for the sewer connection. Ace didn’t have anything like that so I went next door to the Tractor Supply Hardware. and found an elbow that would work.

Armed with these supplies we headed back to the RV.
When we got home we had lunch then I started on the repairs.

First I sanded the area to be repaired, then I cleaned the area with alcohol.
I cut a piece of fiberglass cloth to fit the area to be repaired.

Next, I mixed up some of the epoxy and with a small paint brush I covered the area then laid the cloth in place. After the cloth was spread over the crack I painted over it with more epoxy.

Here is what the repair looks like.


I hope that will be a permanent fix.

Clear Elbow.

Once the tub was done I replaced the broken elbow on the sewer line.

Satellite Dish.

We have what is called a carryout satellite dome for TV. In Quartzsite we have a lot of space around the RV so I set the dome on a stand alongside the coach. Here the RV’s are parked very close together so there is no room for the dome. I solved this problem by putting the dome on top of the RV.
We got this done in a few minutes.

A Little Ride.

After putting the dome up we sat around for a short time. We were bored so decided to take a little ride.

We drove east out of town on Coolidge Blvd. Once we were out of town a few miles we turned south on one of the farm roads that crisscross the agricultural area in the valley.


We drove by fields of Mustard.


fields of Alfalfa.


And waving fields of other grain.


After driving up and down a couple of these farm roads we worked our way toward the north end of the town. We decided to try and get a few pictures of the town as we drove through.

At the north end of town are a couple of large shopping malls. One contains the local Walmart.


The other shopping area has a new Safeway.


Both these malls are across the street from the Casa Grande Ruins.


Here is a look down main street.


There are two Motel’s in town.



Here is one of our favorite eateries.


There is also an old-fashioned diner.


There are several other restaurants such as a Pizza Hut, a Mac Donald's and a couple of other Mexican restaurants.

The town has two RV parks.


Here is the RV park we are in.


Okay that was a short tour of Coolidge, AZ.

And that is all I have for today. Talk to you later.

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