Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Saturday, Sunday, A Weenie Roast



A visit with Sue and Denis

We decided to take Saturday off.
Around 1:00, Sue and Denis came by for a visit. We discussed taking a ride on Monday. We thought that Chivo Falls might be a good trail to try.

After Sue and Denis left, Patti and I went shopping for groceries at the Walmart super store in Coolidge. Yes even a small town like Coolidge has a Walmart super store.

That was about all we did Saturday.


A weenie Roast.

A bunch of people in the park were having a weenie roast in the desert Sunday evening.

We were invited so at around 3:00 we lined up with a bunch of other jeeps, ATV’s and a couple of pickup trucks.
We all left the park and drove through the farm land,…


along a canal…


and down several very dusty roads…


to a spot in the desert near some hills where there is a large flat area with a big fire pit.
We sat around in small groups where we could find a little shade.



Eventually the sun got low enough that the women started building a fire.


Someone set up a couple of tables where they put condiments and goodies.


Eventually everyone came out of their individual shady spots and sat around the fire. I counted thirty people around the fire.


We cooked our dogs….


The sunset….


And the Moon rose.


And the lady’s built the fire higher.


Once they had put all the available wood on the fire we sat around and watched it burn down.

In this picture, it kind of looks like a fire breathing dragon crawling out if the fire.


Once the fire burned down people started leaving. Patti and I were among the first to leave.
We got home around 8:30.
It was interesting meeting the other jeepers in the park. Maybe we will go on some jeep rides with them later.

Okay that was Saturday and Sunday.

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