Thursday, March 30, 2017

Back to Quartzsite.


Left Coolidge.

We left Coolidge at 9:00 Wednesday morning heading back to Quartzsite.

As we drove out I-8 we could see that the Palo Verde’s were in full bloom.


So far I haven’t had too severe a reaction to them.
Most years I have had a very strong allergic reaction to the Palo Verde’s.
I have been taking antihistamine so maybe that is helping.

Broken Pipe.

When I was backing out of our spot the day we left Quartzsite I ran over a water pipe. Water was shooting out of the ground and it took a while to get the water shut off. Eventually I found the main shutoff at the street and turned the water off;
then we left to go to Coolidge.

Now we are back in Quartzsite and I have to try and fix the pipe.

Digging the Pipe.

Yesterday, after we got set up and I had a little nap, I started digging around the pipe. It was still to hot to do much so I waited until after supper to finish digging.

I assumed that the underground pipe was made of plastic but when I got it uncovered it turned out to be Galvanized metal pipe.


You can see that the vertical pipe is broken at the tee. I don’t have any plumbing tools with me so I guess I will have to buy a pipe wrench. I hope that the pipe will unscrew from the tee. If it breaks off I am not sure how I will fix it.
Maybe I can use a large easy out to get the rest of the pipe out of the tee.
I hope that isn’t necessary.


This morning we are going to Blythe to get our taxes done.

Patti got a call from our friend Becky and while she was on the phone with her I asked if Dennis had a pipe wrench that I could borrow. He does, so I won’t have to buy one.

Okay that’s it for now.
I’ll let you know how the pipe job works out tomorrow.

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