Saturday, March 25, 2017

County Fair and a Farewell Weenie Roast.


Pinal County Fair.

Around 1:00 Jean, Don, Patti and I went to the Pinal County Fair.


We got there before 3:00 so our senior tickets were half price, $4.00.

As you go through the gate you enter the food court.


We will com back to that later.

The Animal Shed.

We took a right turn here and went to visit the FFA exhibits in the animal shed.

Kids and their prize goats.


A girl blowing dust off of her Calf.


This is why she was doing that.


A nicely sheared Lamb.


A young man showing off his prize belt buckle.


Healthy looking pigs.


A Magic Show.

After walking around looking at the animals for a while it was time for a magic show.


Here is Godfrey on stage.


He wasn’t David Copperfield but he was really good with the kids. Having them be a part of the show.


Exotic Food.

As we were going through the food court on our way to the magic show I noticed this booth.


I couldn’t resist so I went over and bought an order of Alligator.
I brought it to the Magic show so I could share it with Patti, Jean, and Don.

The alligator was pretty good. Of course it tasted a lot like chicken. Unfortunately there was more breading on the pieces than meat. Still, it was something different.

The Midway.

After the Magic show we headed for the Midway.
Jean wanted to play some of the Midway games.


She checked out a few of the games. This was some kind of Dart game. Of course the darts didn’t have points on them (we wouldn’t want anyone to get stuck with one.)


Another game that used to use darts now uses bean bags with nails in them.


Jean finally settled on the Horse Race.


She won but she was the only one racing.


Here she is with her prize.



We went into an exhibit building to check it out.

The most interesting exhibit was at the animal rescue center.
They had a large African Tortoise…


A local Desert Tortoise.


and a couple of fat Rattlesnakes.


These were the only Rattlers we have seen this season.

Blue Grass Music.

When we came out of the exhibit building we could hear some Bluegrass music so we walked over to the stage area and took a seat to have a listen.


We sat around there listening to the music until 4:00 then decided that it was time to go.

Farewell Weenie Roast.

From the fair we went to the RV park where Johnie, Diane, Lise, Frank, Sue and Denis were staying.
Diane and Johnie had invites us to a Farewell Weenie Roast at their place as they and Lise and Frank were leaving this weekend to go home.

We sat around in the shade of Johnnie’s RV and visited for a while.


Frank was drafted to cook the hot dog’s.


We lined up for food.


We had a good time eating hot dogs and visiting until around 8:30 when the ladies decided that it was too cold to sit around any longer so the party broke up.
We said our goodbye's to Diane, Johnie, Lise, Frank with promises to meet again in Quartzsite next Fall. 

Jean and Don were also leaving tomorrow so we said our goodbyes to them as well. It was fun having them with us for the week.

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