Monday, September 19, 2016

Update: Generator, Van Windshield



When we got home I did some research on the Onan generator on the RV.

After reading a few posts on the forums, I did the final test that would tell me where the problem could be.

If you recall; the the generator would only run as long as the start switch was held down.
That in itself would mean that the generator isn’t making electricity.
If the generator isn’t generating 110 vac the run relay isn’t actuated and the generator will not run.

A simple test.

It was easy to check the voltage; I had Patti hold down the start button while I checked the output at a receptacle. “0” V.

So as near as I can tell the problem is either the brushes on the generator are not contacting the slip-rings (for whatever reason) or the voltage regulator is fried or the control board is bad.

In order to work on the generator it has to be removed from the compartment in the motor home and I don’t want to mess with that. I’ll try to find some one who works on these things and have them do it. $$$$ Oh well.Sarcastic smile

Put the RV Back in Storage

By Sunday we had all the stuff we thought we needed removed from the RV and around 10:00 we put it in storage for a few days until we take it to be serviced.

The Van Windshield.

If you remember, before we left to go to Lake Davis I had taken my van to get a new windshield installed.
I ended up driving the van home windshield-less because it was too rusted out for them to put the windshield in.


Now I have to figure out how to fix this mess.

When I bought the van almost 30 years ago. It was all rusted out around the windshield so I cleaned all the rust off, treated the rust with a “rust stopper” then I used epoxy resin and fiber glass cloth to repair the area.
I guess that’s what I’ll do this time.

Cleaning Off the Rust.

I figured that the best way to go about this is to use wire wheels on a drill to clean the rust down to metal.

As it turned out I ended up finding a lot more rust holes once I cleaned the rust off.


I think I am almost ready for the rust stopper stuff. The one I am going to use is from “Rustolium” and ends up looking like black primer.

Too Hot to Work.

Where I have to do this job is on my driveway and there is no shade at all. The outside temperatures the last few days have been in the mid to  high 90’s. I have only been working on the windshield for a couple hours in the morning so progress is slow.
But then, that’s normal for me. 

Okay, I guess that brings things up to date for now.

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