Thursday, September 8, 2016

Getting Ready to go to Davis Lake


Gas for the RV.

Early this morning I drove the RV to a Rotten Roby’s Gas station.
I was going to also get some Propane but there were so many big trucks in the way and lined up that the Propane tank was not available.
I have 1/4 tank about 5 gallons in the onboard tank and an extra five gallon tank. That should be enough propane.

Windshield for the Van.

Around 1:30 we took the van to get a new windshield. We dropped it off and went shopping.
When we got home there was a message on the answering machine from the shop.
I called them and the guy said that the seal for the windshield hadn’t been shipped but they would have it by Thursday morning. I hope they get it Thursday because we are leaving at 8:00 Friday morning.

A Small Project.

I wanted to make a stand for the carry-out satellite TV antenna.


I had an old tri-pod that was for a regular satellite dish.


I decided that that would be the base but I have to mount some kind of platform on the tri-pod to hold the antenna.

I have been looking for a piece of pipe that would fit over the pipe on the tri-pod but haven’t had much luck, until I found this old piece of a small gas cylinder that I had cut the end off of.


Here is the cylinder over the pipe. I’ll just need to put a couple of screws on the sides to tighten things up.


I need a couple large washers to sandwich a piece of 3/4” plywood between to use as a platform and bolt it down with that big bolt on top of the cylinder.


I found a piece of sheet steel in one of my scrap piles. It turned out to be a piece of the top of an oil drum that I cut out to make a base for an out house seat.


I needed two large flat washers so I clamped the metal sheet on the drill-press. And using a 3” hole saw cut out two Washers.


Here are the washers. I still need to drill the center holes out to 1/2”.


That’s as far as I have gotten with this project. If I get some time today I might get some more done. If not I’ll get back to it when we get back from Davis Lake.

Okay. that’s it for today.

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