Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chevy Van Windshield.

I got a call from the windshield place telling me that I needed to take a look at the van as there is a lot of rust around where the windshield seals.

I got in the jeep and drove to the windshield shop to look at the problem.

Of course, the windshield was already out when I got there and I could readily see the problems.


I decided that I would take the van home and fix the windshield area when I get back from Davis Lake.
The guys at the shop said that they would hold on to the windshield and seal for me.

It’s a little strange driving the van without a windshield; I’m not sure it is even legal.

I took the pictures when I got home.

Here is some more examples of the rust damage.


It looks like I have some work to do.


Davis Lake.

At 8:00 Friday morning we are leaving for Davis Lake.
Davis Lake is off Highway 70 in the Sierra Mountains near the town of Portola.
Patti nor I have ever been to Davis Lake although, I have fished some other lakes and streams in the area but it has been many years since then.


I don’t know if we will have any internet access for the next week so hang in there and I’ll post if I can.

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