Monday, September 5, 2016

Last Couple of Days.

Washing Cars

Patti took her car to the car wash to get it clean since it has been sitting in front of the house for a couple months and is covered with soot and grit.

The jeep was covered with many miles of road grime, mud and bugs so I decided it also needed a wash. I moved the jeep to the middle of the front lawn to wash it. That way the lawn will get a little water as well.

That kept me busy for a little while.
Just as I was finishing, Patti drove up with her clean car.

Cards at J&D’s

Around 1:30 we headed up to Windsor to visit with Joanne and Dave.
Around 5:00 we all went to Mary’s pizza Shack for supper.
When we got back to their house we played “Rummy for Dummy’s”.

After the first game we took a break and Joanne’s friend Darlene came by.

After visiting for a while we all played another game of cards.

We had a good time.


A Visit With Bob.

Around 1:30 I took a ride to Guerneville to visit with Bob.
I wanted to check out his new springs.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera.Sad smile

I checked out the new springs and they look like they will be much better than the original ones. The back section of the main leaf was shortened by 1-1/2”. That makes the rear shackle more vertical. Now the rear eye shouldn’t hit the frame anymore.

After a while we wandered around Bob’s place nibbling on the last of his fruit; a few grapes and some Raspberries. After that we walked over to Tom’s garden and ate a bunch of the last of his Strawberries.

I got home from Bobs around 3:30 but didn’t do anything productive the rest of the day.
Oh well, It was a good day anyway.

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