Thursday, March 17, 2016

Some Repairs and shopping in Lakle Havasu City.



Tuesday, I had to fix a couple things on the motorhome.

The Kitchen sink.

The kitchen faucet knobs stripped out. I tried to get some replacement knobs but couldn't find anything that would work. I ended up going to RV Lifestyles; they didn't have any replacement knobs so I had to buy a new faucet. Fortunately they aren't very expensive $35.00. I installed the faucet and it work fine.

Awning strap.

The loop on the end of the strap that holds one of the awnings down broke so I tried to sew another loop on the end of the strap. Unfortunately when I was done it made the strap to short. I ended up using a piece of shoe lace to extend the strap. I think it will work okay.

The Jeep Suspension.

When we were in Coolidge I had to tighten the bolts that hold the front lower control arms on.
Yesterday I put the jeep on the cement slab behind our RV and crawled under it with some wrenches.
I checked all the suspension bolts, front and rear and found that they were all tight.
That's a load off my mind.


In the morning we went to "Times Three" restaurant and had breakfast with Jo Ann, Dave, Doris and Jim.

After breakfast, we wanted to get a few things from Walmart but the one in Parker is small and didn't have what we were looking for so we went to Lake Havasu City. They have a huge Walmart there and we found everything we wanted except for the chocolate wine.
Its a nicer drive to Lake Havasu City than going to Yuma so we prefer to go there. It is about the same distance. Unfortunately we will probably have to go to Yuma to get the chocolate wine.

Today, we are taking a ride to the Kofa with Jo Ann and Dave to see if the cacti are blooming.
With any luck we will have some nice cactus flower pictures to show you tomorrow. 

Okay That's it for now. 

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