Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Short Ride in the Western Mountains.


A month or so ago we took a ride where Dick lead us on a fun trail along the base of the mountains to the west of Quartzsite. It was pretty interesting so we decided to do it again on Saturday only this time we would start at the end and run it in the opposite direction.

The Beginning.

We meant to meet at our place at around 9:30.  Dave and Jo Ann showed up around 9:15 so we sat around and visited until 9:30 when Cheryl and Dennis showed up.

The Ride.

We headed to Boyer Gap Road.

When we got to the Marble Quarry we turned left a little ways past the gate and followed a narrow trail to the south.

The trail took us along the side of the mountains.

Through some deep gullies.

Over some steep hills.

And over some rocky area's.

This spot was a drivers choice. There was a bypass but we decided to go the hard way over the rocks.

From here we continued driving south over hills and through gullies.

We cruised along enjoying the scenery.

While crossing a wide wash Cheryl radioed back saying that there was a Bighorn Sheep in the wash. We stopped to take a picture of the sheep. It looked like an old Ewe and was a little scruffy looking.

After taking a couple of pictures of the Ewe we continued along the trail.

We took a couple of side trails that went further into the mountains.

Some of the trails were a little bumpy.

All of the side trails ended in col-d-sac's.

One of the trails took us to an area with some interesting rocks.

From here we got back on the main trail and continued toward Quartzsite.

As we drove along we noticed these Hedgehog Cactus growing in an outcrop of quartz.

We eventually got back to the outskirt's of 'Q' where we split up; Jo Ann and Dave headed for their place. Cheryl and Dennis went to Carl's Jr for lunch and we went home. As we were turning onto our street Patti noticed these pink Prickly Pears blooming along side the road.

They have a delicate yellow flower. This flower has a fly or small bee pollinating it.

This will be our last chance to have the Prime Rib special at the Mountain Quail CafĂ© so we made arrangements to meet Jo Ann and Dave there for supper at 4:30. Cheryl and Dennis had other plans.

It was another fun ride and a good supper.

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