Monday, March 21, 2016

A Ride Around the North Plomosa Mountains.

I haven't taken a ride to the North Plomosa Mountains yet this season so I figured it was time to do that.

We met Jo Ann and Dave at the fire station and headed for Plomosa Road. We drove east out Plomosa Road.

When we got to the Quartzsite Arrow we turned left. Here, we aired down the tires then followed the wide gravel road for about 1/2 mile.

We turned onto a narrow trail that goes through the sand dunes.

Right away we started seeing cacti blooming. There were a lot of Ocotillo's blooming all along the trail.

We continued along over several dunes.

We passed this ancient Ironwood caraus.

Eventually we were through the dunes, where we saw some Hedgehog Cactus in bloom.

Here is a close up.

Further along we saw some Staghorn Cholla's.

Another close up.

We continued around the west side of the Four Peaks.

We found a couple Teddy Bear Cholla's that were starting to bloom.

We wandered around in the area for a while enjoying the scenery.

We came around to the east side of the Four Peaks.

We stopped at "The Big Hole". This is one of the scariest of the vertical shafts in the area. It is about 150 feet deep and is one of the only ones that hasn't been fenced off.

We left the hole and headed for a wash that we usually travel in to get into this area. I was looking for a shady spot for lunch.

We spotted our first blooming Beaver Tail Cactus.

 Eventually we found a spot for lunch.

After lunch we continued south in the wash. We usually take this wash in the opposite direction.
There are a couple of minor challenges in the wash just a couple of rocks to get over.

Here, Dave had a little trouble with this one. He got hung up on the rock in the lower right of this picture.

Once we got him backed off the rock,

and lined up properly,

he made it through just fine.

The next obstacle was no problem.

After leaving the wash we saw some more Beavertails in bloom.

Here is another close up.

We got home around 2:30. I took a nap and at 5:00 we met Jo Ann and Dave at the Mountain Quail for supper.
The special was Pot Roast; one of my favorites.

Patti got some nice pictures of the sun set when we got home from supper.

Okay, that was our Sunday. Another nice ride in the desert.

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