Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Back to Quartzsite

Easy Trip.

We got on the road around 9:30 heading south on 87 until we got to I-10 where we turned west. Where I-8 turned off I-10 we continued on I-8 to Gila Bend where we got on 85 heading north to Buckeye where we got back on I-10 and turned west.
We stopped at a rest stop on I-10 for lunch. After lunch we continued west to Quartzsite.
We got to Q around 2:00; not bad. It was an easy trip with no traffic problems, just a little construction work on 85. We had to go 35 Mph for a few miles.

We got all set up and I took a short nap.

Supper at The Mountain Quail.

Around 6:00 we went to The Mountain Quail for supper. Jo Ann, Dave, Dave's sister and brother-in-law came in just after we ordered our meal so we all got a table together and had a nice reunion.


We picked up our mail and found that the last of our Tax stuff arrived. Now we can make an appointment with our tax lady to get the taxes done. Once that is done we can leave here at any time.

Palo Verde's.

The Palo Verde's are just starting to bloom.

This picture was taken on I-8

They are beautiful but the last three seasons they have really gotten my allergies fired up. If that happens this season we will be leaving soon. We will head north until we are out of the Palo Verde's range.

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