Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Solenoid Valve Again. A visit from Felice And Friends From Canada Arrive.


Another try at the solenoid Valve:

I had a little free time this morning so I decided to take another look at the solenoid valve in the van. I pulled the valve out of the van and put it in the vice where I tried to blow air through it. It was closed and of course no air went through the valve. Next, I applied 12 volts to the coil and the valve clicked (it was a light click). I tried blowing through the valve and was able to do so but there was a lot of back pressure.
I decided that the valve was just barely opening.
What to do?
I thought; I have the old washer so I can double up on the washers, that should provide enough room for the valve to open fully.

So that’s what I did, I put the old washer on top of the new one and tightened the stem back down good and tight so it won’t leak.

I put the whole thing back together and installed it in the van. The van started right up and ran just fine. I didn’t see any leaks so after idling for about 10 minutes, I took a little ride. I drove about 5 miles out of town and back home. Just enough to get the engine up to operating temp. When I got home I just shut her down and went inside for a while. Later I came back out and checked to smell the van for raw gas. There was a very slight gas smell which I expected as the gas in the carburetor will still boil and some fumes will be released. I turned on the ignition and heard a good solid click from the solenoid. Then I could hear fuel pouring under pressure into the float bowl of the carburetor.
That means the float had sunk and much of the gas that was in the float bowl had drained into the manifold (possibly through the idle circuit I don’t really know for sure).
If the solenoid had not been there a lot of the fuel in the line would have been forced into the carb and even more fuel would be at the bottom of the intake manifold.
Hopefully this will stop most of that problem, even though the fuel will still boil and the float will still sink when that happens. Less fuel will get into the manifold with the solenoid in the line. Hopefully.

We will see.

Mr. Ed.

Since the van was running we decided to go to Lorraine’s to pick up “Mister Ed”.
Mister Ed is a 1-3/4 bore black powder cannon that my friend Jerry and I had co ownership in. Sadly Jerry has passed on and Lorraine said that I should take the cannon as she had no need for it.
Today we took the van over there and got Mr. Ed 


My daughter, Felice, came by for a visit today. It’s always nice to see her. She just returned from a trip to Europe and had tales of her experiences there. Patti and her had a nice time reminiscing and discussing travel in Spain.
We went out to lunch at a place that was new to us; Derk’s Midtown Café. It was okay. Felice left around 3:00. 

Friends Arrive from Canada

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our friends Sue and Denis from Quebec, Canada.
Patti has been following their progress across the states on face book. Today after Felice left, Patti got on line to check on them and found out that they were at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds RV park so off we went to see them.

It was a happy reunion. We visited for about an hour and made plans to take them to the cabin tomorrow.
So that’s what we will be doing tomorrow. Hopefully we will remember to take some pictures.

Talk to you later.

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