Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sue and Denis at the Cabin.


We leave for the cabin.

We stopped by Sue and Denis’s RV around 9:00. They were more or less ready to go so after a few minutes we were heading out. We made one stop to fill the gas tanks.
Eventually we were on the road.


We stopped at the Boonville Market and bought a couple of sandwiches for lunch then continued our drive to the cabin. We arrived around 12:00 and after showing Sue and Denis the cabin and other stuff around the camp we sat around outside and ate our lunch.

Sue and Denis at the cabin.


A little walk.

After lunch Sue, Denis and I took a walk up the road to the Bear Spring. On the way back we took the cabin loop trail  and followed it to the dirt bench. After a short break there, we headed back to the road and down the hill to the cabin.
I forgot to bring the camera again!

Trip to the grove.

After a short break at the cabin, we got in the jeeps and drove down to the Grove.

Here is Sue and Patti standing by the swimming hole. It’s a little low at this time of year.


We wandered around the grove for a while checking out the giant redwoods there.
After a while we headed back up the hill.

Patti thought she had left her camera at the cabin so we stopped by there to look for it. The camera turned out to be buried under some stuff in the jeep.

Heading home.

We left there and headed for home. We stopped at Old Town Windsor for dinner at Lupe’s. Everyone enjoyed their dinner (or “supper” for the Canadians).

It was a good day.

Today (Tuesday) we are going to take Sue and Denis to the coast.

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