Thursday, October 8, 2015

RIP. Fuel Cutoff Solenoid.


Yesterday I went to the auto parts store and purchased the clamps that I needed to finish the solenoid job.
When I got home I clamped the hoses where they needed them, then I started the engine.
The engine started and ran for a couple of minutes and died. I tried several times to restart the engine without success.

As it turned out the solenoid is literally fried. I checked the name tag on the solenoid and found that the operating temperature is from 40° to 170°. The engine in the van’s normal operating temperature is from 200° to 230°. Way outside the max temp for the solenoid;  since the solenoid was mounted directly on the manifold. I wouldn’t be surprised if the temp got to around 300°.

I have been researching solenoids and found some that have an operating range to 250°. I think that will work if I mount it properly. These solenoids are an inline style and will probably require a different mounting system.
In other words I’ll be starting from scratch. I’m not sure if I’m going to pursue this any more this year as it is getting close to the time we leave for Arizona and things are going to get very busy soon.
I think I will put the van back to the original configuration and continue this experiment next year.

Stay tuned.  

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