Sunday, October 18, 2015

Getting the RV Home and a Trip to the City.


Bringing home the RV:

We got the motor home out of the shop on Friday afternoon and filled it up with gas on the way home. That way we don’t have to stop on our way out of town in a few weeks.

We started getting things together and slowly are putting stuff in the motor home.

A visit to San Francisco.

We forgot to bring the @^#$# camera!

Saturday we went to San Francisco to visit with my daughter and her husband. They have a really nice place on a hillside with a great view of the East Bay and the Bay Bridge.

We always enjoy visiting with Gabriella and Morgan. They are fun and into a lot of cool stuff.

We had lunch at “The Old Clam House”; this is the oldest restaurant in San Francisco. It was built in 1861 and is still in business. As the name suggests they specialize in seafood.

Morgan and I shared a dozen raw oysters and we both had the steamed clams in a broth. The oysters were fresh and tasty as were the clams.

Patti had a Shrimp Louie and said that it was good.

Gabriella had a spinach salad and a Pasta dish that looked like couscous with snow peas and sun dried tomatoes. She loved it except for the tomatoes.

The food is good but be prepared to pay a good price for it. I suppose that goes for any place in the city.

The trip home.

Every time we go to visit with Gabriella and Morgan we get lost on the way home trying to get out of the city. This time we made sure to followed Morgan’s directions to the letter and eventually got to a part of town that I am familiar with. Soon we were crossing the bridge into Marin county. It feels like a race track coming north down the hill from the Rainbow Tunnel; everyone is in a hurry to get home. Everything moved along pretty good until we got north of Novato where there was a wreck.

The wreck was off the highway but the rubbernecker’s caused the traffic to be backed up for several miles. After about 45 minutes of stop and slow traffic we cleared the wreck and from there it was good sailing all the way home.


I have been working on enhanced security for my shed. Today I mounted the hardware.


Those bolts won’t come out without a lot of noise and serious destruction of the door and wall of the shed.
Nothing is perfect but maybe this will be a deterrent. Locks only keep out nosy people; a determined thief, not as much.

Auxiliary brake system:

I got the documentation for the system out of the motor home and from what I have been able to figure out, it looks like the power controller is fried. Today I tried to order a new controller on line but even though I found the web sight for the manufacturer I could not find anywhere to buy parts, only complete kits. I will try to call them tomorrow and find out what’s up.

Okay, That’s all for today

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