Sunday, October 4, 2015

A couple of lazy days and a small project.


The last couple of days have been a bit slow.


I had an appointment to have a echo cardiogram in the morning.

When I got home from that I started unloading the van from the last trip. It took me most of the rest of the day to get it all done.


Dave came by for a visit and while he was here the solenoid for the van arrived. It turned out to be a bit larger than I had visualized but I think I can get it to work.


One of the constant problems with the van has been, after driving for a while there is so much heat in the engine compartment and engine that when it is shut off, the fuel in the carburetor boils. The float sinks and allows excess fuel to be forced into the manifold by the pressure in the line and the last pump of the fuel pump. Bob solved this problem in his van by changing from a carburetor system to a throttle body injection system, an approximately $1500 fix. Hopefully the solenoid will help stop the fuel from flooding the carburetor. If so, it’s a $26 fix, only time will tell.
I suppose that some day I will have to change to a TBI system if I can’t get carburetors for this engine.

Installed the solenoid. The solenoid is the blue thing in the middle of the picture.


Bob came by for a visit about half way through the solenoid project..
He stopped by help me with a couple of computer problems I was having. One thing we did was to try and figure out how to post video’s on the blog. There are a number of steps to get set up.
Had to get a Google + acct. then had to get a channel on youtube and after a long time screwing around I did get a video on youtube but I couldn’t get the video to show up on my blog. Don’t know what that is all about but hopefully eventually I’ll get it to work.

That’s about all for now, talk to you in a couple of days.

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