Saturday, December 29, 2012


Today we went the back way to the Desert Bar.
If you want to know more about the Desert Bar click on the link below.

We all met at the Fire Station on Hwy. 95, North of Quartzsite at 9:00. The temperature was around 33 degrees. There were eight jeeps in the group. I am not going to put all the names here, there are just too many.
We drove North to Parker and followed 95 toward Lake Havasu City. About ten miles from Parker, we rendezvoused at The five Star Gas and Groceries on the right of the highway. The trail starts there. The first hundred yards of the trail are misleading because it is fairly flat and sandy as you drive up a wash.


At the end of the wash is a steep rocky climb.



A little further on you come to an other challenge.




This one is optional, as there is an easy way around it.
Most of us decided to accept the chall
enge. It took me a couple of tries but once I found the right route for 
Clifford we went right over the top.

From there we wandered through the desert enjoying the beautiful scenery 



and the rocky trail.


We stopped at a few mines along the way.


And had lunch near one of them.


After lunch we continued toward the Desert Bar. 
We took a side trip to a mine. There is a split in the trail; one trail goes up a steep rocky hill


to a view point.
From here you can see the Colorado river

and the main road into the D B.

We couldn’t believe how many cars were going back and forth.

The other trail goes up a rocky hill to a flat below a mine. To get to the diggings was a steep climb.


I had already seen this mine and had already done enough climbing today so I didn’t go up to take pictures.

From there we went to the Desert Bar so a few people who had never been there could check it out and get a T shirt.
I took a couple of pictures.



When everyone had done their thing we headed down the main road to Highway 95 and back to Parker where we stopped at Wal Mart to get a few things. From Wal Mart we met with eight other couples at a Mexican restaurant called ‘Maya’.

It was another great ride. 

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