Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Okay I guess its time I got back to work on this blog.

I finished the Hep-C treatment a couple of weeks ago and am feeling much better.

Patti had a wonderful time in Spain.

We have been trying to get out of here and head for Quartzsite. 
but we have some obligations to take care of and hope to leave by DEC. 12.

Right now both the jeep and the motor home are in the shop.

I spent a lot of money on the jeep this year.

I had a new engine installed early in the summer approximately $5,000. Then a couple of weeks ago I took the jeep into 4wheel Parts to have some modifications done; upgraded rear-end with heavy duty axels and Detroit lockers, a slip shaft eliminator kit and new rear drive shaft. Of course they found a bunch of other stuff stuff that was wrong ie; front ball joints, tie rod ends, bad left front hub and axel etc. approximately $4,000.

We have had some bad rain storms here in Nor-Cal.
The other day Patti informed me that the motor home was leaking. I got an appointment with Marlow's RV repair, where I originally had the roof installed.
We took the RV to Marlow's yesterday and found out the roof has a rip in it, probably caused by a tree limb scraping the top. He said that he could fix the problem so now we are just waiting.

On Saturday we are going to San Francisco to visit with my daughter Gaby and her husband Morgan.

If we get the RV and the jeep back before then, we will finish loading and hopefully be on the road by Monday. 
If not, we will get on the road as soon as possible. 

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