Friday, December 28, 2012


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Yesterday we took a ride over Tank and Cottonwood pass’.
We were the same four jeeps as on Wednesday. We stopped at Salome to top off with fuel then headed northwest across the flats toward Tank Pass. At first we followed a sandy track toward the mountains.


After a few miles we started up the hill.

Normally when we go over these two passes we go up Cottonwood first and then over Tank Pass. This time we went in the opposite direction which meant that instead of going up the hard parts


we were going down.


Which made it a lot easier. After we got over the rough spot, Dennis (white Jeep) and Daniel driving his Denis’ jeep decided to try going up the roughest part of the pass.
Dennis made it up with very little trouble although he did hang up a little on one boulder.


Then it was Daniel’s turn. He went a little too far to the right and gave us some entertainment.


This is about the most air that I have seen on these trips.


After a few tense moments he made it through.


The rest of the trail, although it was very bumpy, was pretty easy.


We drove around for a while trying to find the correct trail to Cottonwood Pass. Along the way we we saw some of the local “semi wildlife.


One track took us to one of they many abandoned mines in the area.  The tunnel mouth was open but there were several cave-ins further back so we didn’t enter.


Here we stopped for lunch.


After lunch we found the correct route to Cottonwood Pass.

Along the way we took a side trail to see if it went any where.


It was kind of rough but turned out to be a dead end.

Back on the trail again we headed toward Cottonwood Pass.


Along the way we stopped to check out a dugout cabin in a wash alongside the trail.


And some modern petro glyphs.




We went over the pass and down the narrow switch back trail to the flats.


At the bottom of the pass we took another side trail to the Virginia Mine. Daniel, Andre and I went into the lower tunnel


where there are some stalactites.


I have been in a lot of mines around here but no others have stalactites. The state is starting to close a lot of the mines. Some entrances have been blasted shut but others have just been fenced off with danger signs posted.

After we were out of the stalactite tunnel we went up to the upper mine. Denis, Daniel, and Andre, went into that tunnel but no one got pictures.

From there we headed for the highway and home.

I would like to thank Andre for his pictures. 

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