Friday, December 28, 2012


Today was a catch up day.

I worked on yesterday’s blog. That took most of the morning.

I had to get my nine gallon propane tank filled, so around 10:00 I took it to the Mobil station. They have the best price for propane in town

I needed a wrench to remove the fill plug on the transfer case so we went to K & B tools to buy one. From there we went to the bank to get some cash then stopped by the produce store on the way home. 

Later I topped off the fluid in the transfer case. It wasn’t to low, fortunately. I also checked the other fluids, topped off the power steering and greased a few things on the jeep.

We had to move the RV back about two feet so I lowered it down and disconnected the sewer line. I moved it back, got the RV leveled again and reconnected the sewer line. Now we are set for a while so I put the awnings out.

Tomorrow we are going go the back way to the Desert Bar. I don’t really care for the Desert Bar but the trail is fun. We will have lunch there and then I think we are going to the Eye of the Needle and the cave. I guess I will have to try to get my jeep up into the cave. It is a kind of a jeeper challenge and will be a good test of the new lockers.


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