Thursday, December 13, 2012


Kind of a rough day.
It started off just fine. Patti and I went to the Mountain Quail for breakfast. When we got back I unloaded a bunch of stuff from the jeep. 
Last night on the way to The Grubstake I noticed that the speedometer wasn’t working. I crawled under the jeep to see if the speedo cable  was connected. It was so I disconnected it and  inspected the cable to be sure that it wasn’t broken. I reconnected the cable and took a little ride. The speedometer worked fine???

Later in the day Roy came by to help me cut some limbs off the Palo Verde tree behind the RV. While engaged in this activity I tripped on a rock. I fell and smacked my face on the patio and busted my lip.

Unfortunately the first picture I am putting on this blog is of my ugly busted face.



Nice, eh?

That’s it for now

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