Monday, January 16, 2012


Yesterday morning, when I went out to turn the waterfall on the sun was just coming up.

Red sky in the morning.



Patti, Becky, Debbie, Shirley and Bill went to the Blue Water Casino. The casino was giving out a free set of dishes so it was a good excuse for them to go up there and gamble. Patti was the big winner.

I took a ride to the Kofa Refuge with Dennis in my jeep, Dave and Andrew in Dave’s jeep, and Maryann, Randy and their dog Sparky in their Hummer. We decided to go to De La Osa well. It is a very scenic ride and easy enough for the hummer to negotiate without any problems.

We stopped at the MST&T tower


for the view.


From there we took the trail to to De La Osa well. On the way we stopped to take a walk up a very interesting canyon.





This is as far as us old folks can go up the canyon. We discussed bringing up some ropes or a ladder some time to continue our investigation of the canyon.


The photo below gives you an idea of how big the rocks are that have to be scaled to continue.


After leaving the canyon we drove a little farther along the trail where we stopped to check out a small natural cave. It looks like the cave was the home for some bats. There was a lot of guano on the floor of the cave and evidence of bat urine on the wall. It looks like they are living in a crack along the roof at the rear of the cave. In the photo you can see the stain of the urine on the rear wall.



After we left the cave, we drove until we came to the well where we stopped for lunch at the end of the road.


When we were setting up our chairs we noticed a few drops of rain. By the time we were finished eating lunch it started to sprinkle. The rain was very light and didn’t last long. We drove back by a different route and were home by 4:30.

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