Monday, January 9, 2012


Yesterday we went back out to the desert northeast of Bouse to see if we could find the Glory Hole.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of a Glory Hole as it pertains to mining;

Block Caving is used to mine massive steeply dipping orebodies (typically low grade) with high friability. An undercut with haulage access is driven under the orebody, with "drawbells" excavated between the top of the haulage level and the bottom of the undercut. The drawbells serve as a place for caving rock to fall into. The orebody is drilled and blasted above the undercut, and the ore is removed via the haulage access. Due to the friability of the orebody the ore above the first blast caves and falls into the drawbells. As ore is removed from the drawbells the orebody caves in providing a steady stream of ore.[3] If caving stops and removal of ore from the drawbells continues, a large void may form, resulting in the potential for a sudden and massive collapse and potentially catastrophic windblast throughout the mine.[4] Where caving does continue, the ground surface may collapse into a surface depression such as those at the Climax and Henderson molybdenum mines in Colorado. Such a configuration is one of several to which miners apply the term "glory hole”.

It was the same group as the day before. Junior was the leader again. We took a few wrong trails along the way. They were all very interesting.




With some great views


And some trails that we need to come back and try some day.


After wandering around for a while


Junior finally found the trail marker.


The weather was clear but with a cold wind blowing from the north.

We found a spot out of the wind in a wash to have lunch.

Dennis warming in the sun like a the lizard man.


After lunch, we continued the search for the glory hole.

Some times the trail became a bit bumpy.


With some narrow spots.


There were a few tense moments when Randy in the Hummer went a little to far to the left on a narrow spot.


Junior threw some rocks in the hole.


And eventually the Hummer got through.


We were all very relieved.

Eventually we got to the Glory Hole. It was mostly huge tailing piles.


Most of the tunnels were collapsed and fenced off.


there was one tunnel but it didn’t go very far.


Down the hill from the mine was the living quarters. The only thing left were several concrete slabs and this old vehicle frame.


We left the mine and headed for home.



It was yet another great ride.

Patti, some how put her back out while shaving her legs and the ride yesterday didn’t help things. I guess we will be staying home for a while until she heals up.

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