Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Yesterday was a beautiful day with afternoon temps around 75.

In the afternoon we went to the French Quarter (a spot in the desert where there is an old cabin) to have a weenie roast.

The whole gang was there and we had a lot of fun.




I don’t really like hotdogs so we decided to cook a couple of Buffalo burgers instead. Yumm!


On the way out there I noticed that my fuel gauge was approaching the red line. We haven’t been going any ware lately so I didn’t think of filling the tank. I told Patti that we might run out of gas on the way home but was hopeful that we could make it to the gas station at the east end of town. Just to be safe I made sure that we left the party in front of Dave. It was a good thing that I did because the jeep ran out of gas about two hundred yards from the gas station, on the wrong side of the freeway overpass so Dave had to tow us in.


I have an appointment on Thursday to take the jeep in. I don’t know if the parts for the exhaust system will be delivered yet but I am having them replace the water pump and thermostat. That way we can at least go some where without worrying about the water pump failing. Looking back I wish I had just bought the pump and installed it myself.

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