Friday, January 13, 2012


When we got back from the Wednesday ride I was telling Dennis about it. He was very keen to see the shovel and the mine so we went back there today. It was just Becky, Dennis, Dave and I in the group.

I got some better pictures of the shovel.



Dennis and I went into the tunnels and I got a couple more pictures.


This is Dennis at the end of one of the tunnels where a ore dump shoot drops down to a lower tunnel.


Dennis went into the lower tunnel


and got a picture of the bottom of ore shoot.


We climbed the hill and looked at rocks Becky found, some that looked like they might have fossils on them. It looked more like lichen to me but I am no expert.

We left that area via a narrow wash and stopped for lunch at a wide spot. From there we just wandered around the desert following some rough trails and washes. Eventually we got back on the main trail and were home by 3:30’

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