Saturday, January 7, 2012


The jeep is back in service. Yea!

As I mentioned before, Junior has been taking rides every Wednesday with a jeep group and learning some new places to go.

This morning he took us out to try and find a place called the “Glory Hole”.

With us was; Junior and a French Canadian friend named Andrew,


Dave (Jo Ann is in North Carolina on Family business), Becky, Dennis, a new couple Maryann and Randy from Michigan and their dog, Sparky


in their Hummer H3


and of course Patti and I.

We left the park a little after 10:00 and drove east on I-10 to Highway 60. We went east on 60 to Vicksburg road where we turned north to Highway 72. We crossed 72 and stopped in a wide area for Dennis to off load his Rhino.

The first stop was the Queen Mine. Junior wasn’t quite sure where the trail started so we had to turn around a few times. Patti and I decided to put the cul-de-sac tours sign on his jeep.



Eventually Junior found the trail and we headed off into the desert.

Not too far down the trail we came to the Queen Mine.

Remains of an old cabin near the mine.


Loading shoot at the Queen Mine.


There was a neat tunnel that went quite a ways into the mountain.

Of course we had to explore the mine.



There were several side tunnels and a couple of vertical shafts. The tunnel was also the home for a bunch of bats. If you look close you can see them in the next picture. They are the dark spots on the ceiling and walls.


Above the tunnel was evidence of other diggings. A few of us climbed the hill to take a look.


We found a large water tank,


some collapsed tunnels and some prospect holes and lots of tailings.



From the Queen Mine we continued on the trail and stopped for lunch in a wide wash.


While we were having lunch some people came by on horseback.


Junior was having a little trouble finding the correct trail but in looking for it we found a couple more mines.

One was called the Yellow Monkey. The mine wasn’t to interesting. Randy learned why you don’t step on Cholla cactus. He had to have a few thorns removed from his toes. Ouch!!


The Yellow Monkey mine was at the end of a wash so we had to turn around yet again.

We followed a couple more dead ends and stopped to check out the Calcite mine.

You can tell by the expressions on our faces that we weren’t having fun.


At the Calcite Mine we decided that Junior didn’t know where he was so we turned around and headed back the way we had come. We got back to the parking area around 3:50.

We never did find the Glory Hole but Junior is determined to find it so tomorrow morning at 9:00 we will head out again.

Today was fun, tomorrow should be funner. :o)

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