Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Monday morning, we left Brookings around 8:00. It was foggy and cold and the fog persisted until we got down to Scotia, CA. then it cleared off and got progressively warmer as we went south. Just north of Myers Flat we turned onto the "Avenue Of The Giants".

We got to Becky and Dennis's place in Myers Flat Around 11:30

and visited with them for a couple of hours then we all went to lunch in Miranda.
We left them in Maranda with promises to stop by their place again on the way back north.
We left Miranda around 3:30 and stopped at Garberville for gas. It was getting very warm so a few miles south of Garberville we stopped and put the top down on the jeep. The rest of the ride was uneventful and we arrived in Santa Rosa around 6:00.
Tuesday morning, I got up early and started on some chores that needed doing. I got the irrigation turned on, trimmed the grape vines on the Patio cover (they were taking over) cut down some of the ferns around the patio and hooked up the drip line on the Peach tree.
I spent some time trying to figure out the idle problem on the jeep but had no success. I went over all the vacuum hoses and electrical plugs again. I checked the spark plugs and inside the distributor cap. I noticed a little pitting on the roter so I smoothed that out with some emery paper. When I started the jeep, it ran just fine. After it warmed up it idled at around 500 to 700 RPM, just perfect.
I had to go to the hardware store to get some PVC cement to fix a broken irrigation pipe. By the time I got to the store the jeep was back to idling at 1000 rpm and bucking at slow speed.
Other than that it runs great so I am not going to stress over it. I'll figure it out eventually or it will just stop running and then it will be easier to find the problem.
Last night we went to Joanne and Dave's for dinner and had a nice visit.

Today I have to go get fingerprinted for a concealed carry permit.
Here is the story on that:
In February Dennis and I took a concealed Carry class in Quartzsite. The permit is supposed to be good in 34 states. They told us that we would get the permit in a couple of months.
By the time I left Quartzsite I hadn't heard anything from the issuing entity so I figured that the permit would be waiting for me at home in Santa Rosa.
When we got home we were going through the mail and I got a large envelope with a piece of paper stating that the finger prints that were taken at the class weren't usable so I had to get re-fingerprinted. They sent me a card for the prints so now I have to find a place to get fingerprinted. I am going to call the local police station and see if I can do it there.
I just talked to the police department and found out that they don't do fingerprinting for the public so I looked in the yellow pages and found two places in town that do it. I will be getting that done today.

We will be leaving for Indian Creek tomorrow (Thursday) and won't be back until Monday evening so no blog until probably Tuesday.

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  1. Welcome back to California! When you get settled in, let us know. We'd love to come up and have dinner...or better yet, you could come down here and see the house we just bought. :)