Friday, June 25, 2010


Okay, its been a while since the last blog.
We are back in Brookings after spending a couple days with Kathi and Bob in Glendale where we waited to get the mods to the jeep finished.
Bob took us back to Grants Pass and Serious toys around 9:30 Thursday morning to get Clifford.
When we picked up the jeep , Jeremy at Serious Toys, suggested that when we got back to Brookings we take the jeep to Les Swabb and have them re-torque the the springs

The Mod's look good and the jeep is about two inches higher.

We left Grants Pass around 10:30 and arrived in Brookings two hours later.
Along the way as we passed a truck coming the other way, something hit the drivers side mirror on the jeep and broke out the glass. Damn!!!
When we got to Brookings it was lunch time so we stopped at a burger joint on the wharf that our neighbor, Dave had told us about. Their regular burger was huge and if we had known how big they were we would have ordered only one and split it. I am glad we didn't order their 1/4 pounder.

After lunch I went to two auto parts stores looking for a mirror that would work. The one I found isn't a very good one but it will do until we get home.

This morning we went into town to do get the springs re-torqued. We got to Les Swabb's around 10:00 and They told us to come back at 11:00 to get the work done.

Yesterday I noticed that the jeep was idling fast and a little rough and also bucking a lot at slow speed like there was a vacuum leak. I looked it over but couldn't find any vacuum lines off so I thought there might be a sensor going bad. We had time so I took the jeep to a shop to see if they could hook it up to a machine and see if a sensor was fragged.

The guy at the shop said that he couldn't hook it to his machine because it was too old and didn't have the right connections. He did come out to the jeep however and we looked over the hoses and connections. I suggested that I start it up so he could hear it run. I did so and the damned thing ran just fine idling around 700 RPM's, nice and smooth.
When I get home I will do a tune up and give it a good going over. I can't do any work on the jeep here in the RV park.

We got back to Les Swabb's at 11:00 and waited until about 11:30 when the guy that was supposed to re-torque the springs came out and told us that his boss said that he couldn't do it due to liability concerns. He said that because they hadn't done the original job they couldn't do the re-torque.
I guess I will have to do that when I get home too.

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