Friday, June 18, 2010


I was looking at our Oregon Atlas yesterday and noticed a road (Carpenterville Road) going north, parallel to 101 with many small roads going off it into the mountains. I told Patti that we should check it out so we got our lunch together, loaded the camera, the GPS and laptop into the jeep and took off for a ride.
As it turned out all the roads that I saw on the map were private driveways. We followed Carpinterville Road all the way to the Pistol River where we drove along the north bank into the hills. We took a couple small roads toward the river which ended at private property. We continued along the county road until it also ended at private property.
Patti and I are becoming a little disappointed in the back road possibilities in this area.
The area is still beautiful and we did get some nice pictures on the ride.

Coastal rocks.

A bridge.

A small waterfall.

A Llama.

And of course, flowers.

We will continue to check out the possibilities but there is so much private stuff around here that it doesn't look promising. The best area so far is out the north bank of the Chetco as it eventually goes into the Siskiyou National Forest and there are some dirt roads in there but they all appear to be dead ends.

Yesterday afternoon, a couple from Central Point, Oregon pulled into the spot next to us with the best designed Tear-Drop trailer that I have seen.
The trailer is called a T@B.

The trailer is tall enough to actually stand up in, has enough room to spend time inside when the weather gets bad

and is still light enough (around 1700 lbs.) to pull with a small car.

It has more counter space than our motor home,
with a two burner stove, a microwave, a fridge and sink.

The only thing that it doesn't have is a toilette and shower but for weekend or vacation camping in campgrounds it looks perfect.
If any one is interested in more information here is a web sight.

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