Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, we are finally settled in at the "ATRivers Edge RV Resort".

We spent last night at one of our favorite forest service campgrounds.
I have a hard time with the name of the camp ground, it is something like "Qusatanna"
It is on the south bank of the Rogue River 14 miles from Gold Beach, Oregon on Jerry's Flat Road and is one of the prettiest campgrounds around.
When we pulled in we were met by the local deer heard and a flock of turkeys.

Many camp spots are shaded and there are berry bushes that in the fall are full of berries.

There are even bat houses.

This morning we drove back toward Gold Beach and had breakfast at the "Indian Creek Cafe" It is in the same building as the original "Grants" pancake house.
The breakfast was good but not as good as Grants.
Several years ago Grants moved to town into a new building. Last year they converted to a Pizza Parlor.

We got to our spot on the South bank of the Chetco River around 11:30 and were setup by 12:00.

The river is right behind us and was pretty high and placid when we pulled in but when the tide changed it dropped a bit and became very fast. We are only a mile and a half from the ocean so the tides have a big effect on the river.

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