Sunday, June 20, 2010


On yesterdays ride, we again went out the south bank road and after taking a couple small trails we struck a major dirt road and headed south.

Eventually we came to the Winchuck River.
The Winchuck is a very pretty stream and looks like it may be good for trout fishing.
After a few miles we crossed Wheeler Creek

and drove along Bear Creek for a short distance.

Wheeler and Bear Creeks come together to form the Winchuck river. They are both clear fast moving streams and look like good trout streams. They are very cold with lots of treas and brush along the sides

so I think to fish them, Hip boots or waders would be very handy.

The road (1107) climbs into the mountains, winds around for several miles and eventually comes back to the Chetco river.
One thing I am noticing is that my GPS is almost completely useless in this heavily forested country. It can't find any satellites unless you can get to a large clearing

which are very few and far between.

Along the way we saw a Rubber Boa.

And a Tiger Lilly.

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