Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We left Klamath Falls around 9:30 and had a nice drive to Central Point, arriving at Kathleen's around12:00.

After visiting for a little while I drove into town and purchased a new fresh water pump.
It wasn't what I wanted but I didn't have many options. The old pump had an output of 5.8 GPM when it was working, the one I bought had an output of only 2.4 GPM.
The new pump was also physically smaller than the old one so I had to bend the lines to get them to connect to the fittings.
The first time I turned the pump on water sprayed from the output fitting.
I quickly turned off the switch and tightened the fitting. I tried it again and it didn't leak.
I filled the tank and found a leak at the Input fitting. I had to use a set of pump pliers to tighten it enough to stop the leak.

Kathleen and Frank asked us to stay but they already had a house full

and I hate to inconvenience folks so we left around 4:30 and drove to O'Brien and stopped at Lone Mountain RV resort.

Tomorrow we will be at a national forest campground on the Rogue River near Gold Beach

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  1. I'm so happy that you got to stop by K & F's.
    She was so pleased with your visit, as she commented on facebook.
    Have an nice rest on the coast. Long drive you had and a few glitches that you handled very well. Love you guys.