Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Week In Benson AZ Day 3.

Thursday, March, 26.
The wind picked up today but not as bad as forecast, Some gusts up to about 30 mph.
This morning we went into Benson to pick up our prescriptions.
When we got home Patti did the laundry.
I have been looking into buying another lap top. I want a small one to use in conjunction with the Etrex GPS the screen on the gps is so small that I have trouble reading it. I would like one that is small enough to carry around in the jeep. I took our laptop on one of our rides to see how it worked out and liked being able to download the track. It made it alot easier to figure out where we were. I was researching small laptops on the web today but havn't settled on anything yet. Dell has one with a 9 inch screen. But I'll have to order it on line so if I go that way I'll probably have to wait until we are settled in Moab.
Last night I ordered a power cable for the Etrex and a Garmin Nuvi360 for the motor home. We are paid up here until Tuesday so I hope it gets delivered before then or we will have to stay here for a couple more days.
Patti is going to the rec hall with Sue to play bingo tonight and Jerry is coming over here so I can show him some pictures of our dining hall and other indian creek stuff.

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