Sunday, March 29, 2009

A week in Benson AZ. Day, 6.

Sunday, March, 29.

The morning started off very cloudy and cool with a light breeze. By noon the wind was coming in strong gusts.
We headed south on AZ 80 and went about 1.5 miles to a dirt road where we turned west and traveled 8.8 miles to AZ 90 where we headed south for 8.3 miles and then turned west up Dry Canyon road.

After about a mile we were confronted with a very interesting sign.
Damn! And I forgot my pistol!
This is high desert and quite different form that around Quartzsite.
There is much less cactus. The predominant plant life is the Creosote Bush with some Junipers in the higher canyons and occasionally a Wiled Rose thrown in for good measure.
There are small Joshua trees, or maybe Yucca's

and Agave.
As to cactus there are some large Prickly pears,

and segmented Cholla.
Unfortunately nothing is blooming this high up yet.
There are several plants that are not known to us but are very interesting.

Could this be a yucca?

Or this, an Agave?
I could be all wrong about the names of these plants, so if I am please set me straight.
The roads are very rough and most terminate in high canyons.
In one such canyon we came upon a very unusual rock along the road.

It appeared as if the rock had formed around a chunk of petrified wood, although this is probably not the case, it was interesting none the less.

Wild life was scarce we did see one snake of a non poisonous verity but it was so fast that we couldn't get get a picture. Its color was light green on top fading to light yellow along the sides and silver underneath.
We came back to the highway on French Joe road.
It was a nice ride and were home by about 3:00

Trip miles = 41 miles
Trip time = 4 hrs
Dry Canyon rd. N31 46’ 52.1” W110 21 00.9 4544 ft
French Joe rd. N31 48’ 56.0” W110 20 52.0 574 ft.

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