Monday, March 30, 2009

A week in Benson AZ. Day, 7.

Monday, March, 30.
The wind blew hard last night until around 5:00 this morning, then subsided until afternoon when it came up again and shook "Plan B" until supper time.
Patti went into town, did some shopping, bought a couple of new outfits and got her hair cut.
I stayed home and waited for the UPS truck to bring me the new GPS.
It didn’t arrive today so we will have to stay here for at least one more night. It will cost us $30.00 per day to wait for the package.
I could have paid $30.00 to have the package delivered in two days so if it comes tomorrow it will be a wash. After that it will start costing us.
We will get things ready to go tomorrow so we can get an early start on Wednesday.
“IF” the package comes.
We did receive the letter from Felice today however so that much is taken care of.
I cooked up a mess of ribs, Patti made coleslaw and cut up straw berries. We took supper next door to Sue and Jerry’s.
We all enjoyed the repast and we had another nice visit with them.

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