Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It was another hot day in Quartzsite.
We had a fun ride to "Palm Canyon" and "Skull Rock"

At about 9:30 we started off down US 95 and drove 18 miles to Palm Canyon Rd. where we turned left and pulled off into a flat area where every one off loaded there buggies. There was the same group as the last time with the addition of Barbara and Jerry from the "88 Shades RV Park" next door, with their "Quad Runners".

Also, there was two year old "Jada" Pam and Joe's grand daughter.

From the off load area we drove east 8 miles to the end of the road at Palm Canyon.
Several of the folks hiked into the Canyon, so we were there for about an hour.
Patti got some more wildlife pictures while we waited.

When the hikers returned, we drove west from Palm Canyon to the Queen mine Road where we turned north heading for "Skull Rock". On the way we stopped at an over look to view the beautiful mountains.

Patti got some nice pictures of wild flowers.

After standing around there for a while looking at the beauty of the desert, we saddled up and started up the wash to our destination. We arrived at skull rock in about 45 minutes.

Every one was hungry when we got to "Skull Rock" so we wasted no time setting up chairs and tables and getting a fire going to roast hot dogs.

It was a very warm day so several of us took advantage of the coolness of the interior of Skull Rock's Cave or "mouth".

When we were getting ready to leave, Mikes buggy refused to run. The problem turned out to be a faulty ignition switch. Apparently he had had the same problem before and happened to have an extra switch with him. He swapped out the switch and we were ready to go.
We got home around 4:00.
It was a great ride and the desert just gets more beautiful every day.
All the pretty cacti are not out in the desert. Patti got a nice picture of some "Beaver Tails" blooming in the RV park when we got home.

trip miles = 68.3 miles
Trip Time 6.5 hrs.

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