Saturday, March 28, 2009

A week in Benson Arizona day 5.

Saturday, March, 28.

We received word today from Felice, that Patti’s drivers license renewal had arrived at the house and that Patti has to appear in person to renew it. This set us a quandary as whether to cut short our stay in Utah by two weeks so we could get back to California in time for Patti to renew the license or to drive back to Quartzsite for a couple of days so we could go to the DMV in Blythe to renew the license. Our decision is to wait here for Felice to mail the renewal to us and then go back to Quartzsite. We have to wait here for the new GPS to arrive anyway so that isn’t a problem.
There is always a silver lining to every cloud in that we will be able to visit with our friends in Quartzsite once more for a couple of days and the weather in the north is still bad so we are not in a big hurry to get up there.
We will have to decide later whether to go through southern New Mexico on our way to Utah as we had originally planned or take a more direct rout across Arizona through the Four Corners area. That can be decided later depending on the weather and time.

We are taking the day off today but hopefully we will take a desert ride tomorrow.

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