Monday, August 21, 2017

The Long Road Home. Day, 7, 8, 9. Jo Ann and Dave’s Place and the Total Solar Eclipse .

Saturday, Day 7.

We left Montpelier, Idaho around 9:30 and continued our northward trek.


We crossed into Wyoming on Highway 89, lots of beautiful country.


Big Arch.

In Afton, Wyoming we passed under the worlds largest Elk antler arch.


Paradise Reservoir .

We came to Paradise Reservoir.


This water of the Snake River is impounded here by the Cascade Dam in Swan Valley, Idaho. The lake is enormous and Highway 26 follows it all the way.



Near the dam we saw some Kite-boarders. I guess that is what they are called as they have a kite pulling them across the water on what looks like a surf board.

You can’t see the kite in this picture but it is the best picture we have.


We did get a picture of a kite from below the dam.


Here is the Snake River below the dam.


We followed the river for a while  and eventually we’re driving alongside miles of grain and potato fields.


Idaho Falls.

We arrived at Jo Ann and Dave’s around noon. It was nice to see them again.
We had intended to only be here until Monday and then hit the road again but apparently there is a full eclipse of the sun on Monday and  Idaho Falls is one of the good places to watch it.
We decided to stay here until Wednesday morning.

Sunday, Day 8.

Sunday morning we went to The North Highway Café for breakfast with Jim and Doris.

New Baby.

Around noon we went to Pocatello to meet Jo Ann and Dave’s new great grandchild, Ariya.

Of course she was cute as bug.


Another Visit.

After an hour or so we left the baby and went to visit Linda and Dennis S. They live close to Jo Ann and Dvae’s great grandchild.
We visited with them for a while and then went out for lunch.

Another Baby.

We were home for about an hour when another Great Grandchild was brought by. This one is a little older than the last one and of course was also very cute.
Here is Maylie, with her proud Daddy.


After the baby left we visited for a while and retired around 10:00.

Monday Day 9.

We went to breakfast again this morning.
After breakfast we stopped at a Maverick Gas station so Patti could get some protective glasses.

Once we got back to Jo Ann and Dave’s we sat in their back yard to watch the Eclipse.


It was taking a long time for the moon to move across the sun so I am catching up on the blog. The eclipse is almost complete so I am going out side to watch.

The Eclipse.

Patti got this picture of the total eclipse.


After that experience the rest of the day will be anticlimactic.

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