Friday, August 4, 2017

Sage Creek Camp. 23 miles South of Rawlins, WY. Day,9 CDT

Antelope and Sheep.

Woke up to a bright clear morning. After breakfast I sat around enjoying the scenery. I spotted a couple of antelope off in the distance but nothing close enough to get a picture of.

About the time we were ready to go we were visited by a few   domestic sheep.


We left the camp at 9:04 and headed down the dirt road for Rawlins, Wyoming.

Horses, Antelope and More Sheep.

We were cruising down this nice dirt road and Cheryl gets on the radio and says “Horses”.
We come around the corner and there they are, the prettiest bunch of horses you are likely to see.


There were more scattered around the area but this was a nice grouping..

All morning as we drove along we saw animals.
We saw several antelope


and even another flock of sheep.


We continued our drive through this wide open country, seeing many antelope and occasionally getting a picture of one.


Back on Pavement.

After many mile of nice dirt road we eventually turned onto a paved county road.


We were on this road for twenty miles until it came to highway 287.

British Cyclists.


At the intersection were several Cyclists from Britain. All members of the RAF. They were also heading south on the bike trail.

Rawlins, WY.

We turned right and headed for Rawlins. When we got to Rawlins we went straight to the closest laundromat.

While Patti was taking care of the laundry I finished Day 8’s post and published it.


Once the laundry was done we next went to Walmart where we did some resupply.

Mexican Food.

Patti and I decided that we wanted to have our big meal of the day in the afternoon.
After we finished shopping at Walmart it was around 1:30.
Patti asked a couple of  local where there was a good Mexican restaurant. They both said “Su Casa” in (Sinclair) about 4 miles east of Rawlins. 
We got on I-80 and drove to the restaurant.
The food was pretty good and the price was reasonable.

We Split up For the Night.

Cheryl and Dennis were getting a motel room for the night.
We wanted to camp so Patti,  Bob and I left Cheryl and Dennis with plans to meet them on the trail at 9:30 in the morning. We decided on a place to meet in the morning.

Sage Creek Camp.

From Rawlins we drove south 23 miles on Wyoming 71, to Sage Creek. Here we turned left onto a nice big flat by the creek. We were only a couple hundred yards from the road but it was enough to enjoy a nice quiet evening.


We were treated to another nice sunset.

We were also serenaded by some Coyotes in the evening and again early in the morning.

It was a nice peaceful camp.

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